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Avoiding a Potentially Tragic Mistake at These Cairo Talks (and their Possible Successor Talks)

The biggest mistake that could potentially be made at these Cairo talks and their potential successor talks is to reach an “agreement” with the sworn enemies of Israel and Jews, namely “hamas” and their friends/family of Islamic Jihad and the “Palestinian Authority”/Abbas.

That’s right, the biggest mistake would be to agree to an agreement.

Any and all such “agreements” to this point were violated and destroyed by hamas and their supporters at the time they decided that they did not any longer want to behave peacefully and instead wanted to aggressively fire on us first, which they always did and do.

Any “agreement” with the TERRORISTS in azza is an agreement for us to do nothing or the minimum, but when they decide they don’t want the agreement, then they simply say they no longer honor their agreement and start firing on us, more than 3,360 rockets in the most recent 60 days.

Despite over 90% of the general public of all types of people that are Jews residing in Israel supporting the idea of “going the distance” and eradicating hamas NOW, once and for all, the deeply disturbing part is that even despite widespread agreement of almost all citizens of the morality and importance of the war and how it would be a travesty and an enormous insult to the memory of the 64 soldiers a”h H’y”d and three kidnapped and murdered students a”h H’y”d to prematurely agree to any “agreement”, once again, reports are that Binsmole Netanyahu is preparing to submit to outside forces from the side of impurity to agree to many demands of those who seek our destruction, Heaven forbid, while those parties do not grant us ANY of our demands, and we are the truly aggrieved party, having been repeatedly fired upon, where being fired upon even once is a capital offense.

For human leaders who state to the public that they would never compromise our security, the rumored concessions to violent terrorists in azza sound like extreme security compromises that for sure should NOT be made.

We entered this war with the goal of a complete end to aggression and violence as major goals.

Therefore, demilitarization of azza was a major goal.

Since the terrorists in azza are not willing to “agree” (not that their agreement would really mean anything significant, due to their untrustworthiness, as they have actually boasted about their duplicitous ways repeatedly during the past 60 days) to azza being completely demilitarized, There’s nothing more for us to talk about in the Cairo talks.

Even sitting in separate rooms and never directly communicating (only through host mediators, as has been reported), all that matters less when much more importantly for our security and survival is avoiding a potentially tragic mistake at these Cairo talks and any potential successor talks.

Those terrorists that sit in the other separate room in Cairo have already publicly stated: any “ceasefire” is simply a preparation for the next round of actual war.

And we have seen already in reality how this has been the case throughout the time since they were GIVEN azza over 9 years ago.

Four wars in nine years!

Can you imagine???

Clearly, an “agreement” is not in our interests at all.

Now I am not a warmonger, nor am I a peacenow adherent, but we cannot follow the will and ways of the unclean bird Peres (Vayikra 11:13; Devarim 14:12) to agree to everything that the terrorists propose while they do nothing of what we ask of them.

Leaders, officials or spokespeople for the terrorists in azza have made very recent statements over the past few weeks that leave absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they still hate us and want to kill us.

And therefore to follow the unclean bird’s view would be to simply lay down and allow them to kill us.

But that is not the right thing to do.

Since they started aggression and fired upon us, it is fully within our rights and even our obligation to eradicate them, as they make no secret whatsoever that they seek our destruction.

Now we must focus on further true RESULTS from this operation, meaning the Complete demilitarizing of azza and eradication of hamas, islamic jihad, and the “palestinian authority”.

We should not “agree” to any agreement at all at these Cairo talks, and are already giving the terrorists far more than any country EVER in the history of the world ever gave to their enemies that were violently firing upon and trying to kill them during a time of war (including water, food, electricity, medicine and medical care, and evacuation warnings before terror targets nearby were scheduled to be destroyed by our armed forces acting in self-defense).

Agreeing to any bogus agreement filled with our concessions and receiving nothing in return is a recipe for another war (in another few months, or year, or year and a half, or probably not more than 2 years, after all, that’s close to the current average) to finish what we did not yet complete now, or either of the previous three times thanks to the fearFULness of Binsmole and the smoles of world opinion, yet we must avoid that mistake and pray for H’ to save us.

The author is blessed to be a resident of Beer Sheva.