5772: A blessed year baruch H-shem, 5773…

Baruch H-shem, bihahyeen Tova, 5772 was a blessed year. It may have had a tough start or some tough moments, but there are many reasons to say it was a blessed year.

While almost the whole world experienced economic uncertainty, on the brink of another financial collapse debacle, lihavdeel, in Eretz Yisrael baruch H-shem it was not felt to that degree, and by some not at all.

Believe it or not, in 5772, the cost of some things in Eretz Yisrael to the average person actually decreased.

One of the proofs of 5772 being a blessed year comes from dividing the four digits of the date in half, and considering the resulting gematria: 57 = “zahn,” “harvest” (Tehillim/Psalms 144:13), 72 = “chesed,” “kindness” – despite deep drought conditions in parts of the world and including America, in “The Year of Chesed” [57**72**], Eretz Yisrael was blessed with record amounts of rainfall in some of the winter months, baruch H-shem, and H-shem provided and provides “harvest,” (i.e., livelihood/parnassa and actual physical food and sustenance) to us His chosen nation, with chesed, kindness.

With each passing year the tradition that this world will reach its end in the year 6000 becomes known amongst more people. The significance of that tradition and its relation to the beautiful BLESSED year 5772 is this: to get from 5772 to 6000 is exactly 228, which is the gematria of “Baruch,” “BLESSED.”

An additional point to raise about the specialness of the year 5772 is: did anyone else notice that 1 Tammuz 5772 and June 21, 2012 were the same day.

If we say that Tishray, Cheshvahn and Kislev are the autumn, Tayvate, Shevat and Adar are the winter, Nissan, Eeyar and Sivan are the spring, and Tammuz, Av and Elul are the summer, then the first day of Tammuz can possibly be thought of as the first day of summer, which by no accident was the same day as June 21, 2012 in the solar calendar.

The reckoning of the months that way is supported by the fact that Rosh Hashana, which is the first two days of Tishray, is the start of the autumn.

And speaking of Rosh Hashana, now on to the current year 5773….

The daf yomi for the first two days of Tishray 5773 (Rosh Hashana 5773 worldwide) was Berachos 47 – 48. Adding together 47 + 48 = 95, the exact gematria of “HaMelech,” “The King,” meaning the Supreme King of kings, the Holy One blessed is He (Tehillim/Psalms 20:10; 145:1), who is King over the seven heavens, earth, and whole universe every day, not only on Rosh Hashana, although we mention prominently the attribute of kingship more often during the first ten days of the year. [The word “hamelech” as appears in Esther and many other places in Tanach can at times refer to a human king].

Returning to the tradition that this world will reach its end in the year 6000 and now we are in 5773, the number of years from now until 6000 is 227, the exact gematria of “Bracha,” which is at least one hopefully very good reason in addition to H-shem’s Love for us His people, that 5773 is also going to be a blessed year, bihezraht H-shem, bihahyeen Tova.

The author has a related interest in the Torah Codes, is an advocate of everyone learning the true story of what really happened on September 11, 2001, and is involved in various chesed projects such as Tie Dye Tzitzit and My Torah Letter.


Love Israel Now

Love Israel Now: Ahavas/t Yisrael yahvee hamoshiach, Loving our fellow Jews will bring the Moshiach.

We have an obligation to do whatever possible not to be misled by anyone.

Should anyone think after his visit to Eretz Yisrael that Mitt Romney is some friend of us, whoever thought that would be very deeply mistaken.

Now I’m not saying this because of any affinity for Mr. Obama.

The real truth is, it will not be much different for Eretz Yisrael no matter which of those rihshaheem/wicked people leads the USA for the next 4 years.

That’s right.

Despite Mitt Romney’s comments that the media want people to think that he loves Israel, PLEASE people, at least be real, with yourselves, HE DOESN’T LOVE US, neither does Obama, and neither do most people.

They might say they like us more (or simply hate us slightly less) than our radical islamist enemies yeemahch shihmahm, but it doesn’t matter, in absolute terms, they are not our friends.

No matter who leads the USA, either the donkey (@ss) or the republicant, it’s not going to be any meaningful difference for us.

And the reason is that both of them will do what they and their predecessors do, which is to try to force the Jewish nation to destroy itself, one of the primary methods of which is to give away our own land, the Divine gift of Eretz Yisrael, for the complete sham of the continued broken promises of peace by our sworn enemies yeemahch shihmahm, who have publicly stated repeatedly their goal of our complete destruction, Heaven forbid.

It’s only once we Love our fellows with full hearts and truly desire the best for all of them, and are blessed with a government in Eretz Yisrael that follows the will of H-shem through Torah and refuses to take orders from secular human authority (meaning the leaders of other nations, who have an inborn hatred of Jews), that we will be much much closer to truly living securely in our Homeland Eretz Yisrael, something H-shem deeply desires for us to do, as will hopefully be discussed in a future post.

The author, Mr. E., always a Jew and a former american now blessed to live in his nation’s Homeland B”H BT, has also published a thorough research investigation of the real truth of what happened on 9/11/2001, and written about the need to Save the South.