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The Torah Contains The Best Proof Of The Evilness Of The USA

With the US presidential election drawing ever closer each day, it is time bihseeata dihshihmya to publicize to all that the Torah itself through gematria (numerical values) is one of the biggest proofs of the evilness of the USA.

As is well known, the president in the USA is not elected by the who receives the most actual popular votes overall in total in the USA on election day. Instead, the electoral college system takes the majority of the votes in each of 48 states (except Maine and Nebraska) and assigns that state to have been “won” by whichever candidate got the most votes in that state. Each state has electors to represent its votes in the electoral college, equal to the number of representatives and senators that the state has now in Congress. Thus states with larger populations have more electors.

As there are 538 total (Senators + representatives) in Congress, a simple majority of that is the well-known minimum 270 electoral votes needed to become president.

270 is the gematria (numerical value) of “ra,” “רע,” “bad, evil”, a word that is not rare in the Torah (Bereishis 24:50; 31:24, 29; Vayikra 27:10, 12, 14; Bamidbar 11:1, 10; Devarim 15:21; 23:10). This is the proper name given to the yaytzer hahra, which is also the satan, by H-shem (Succa 52a; thanks to Rav Shlomo Sprung for pointing this out in a Dvar Torah said at the breet meela of his third child, Dovid N”Y).

And please don’t say: ‘wait, the same two letters in the same order with different vowelization forms “raya,” “Friend” (Avos 6:1), and a friend cannot be evil’, because that’s not always true and could be nothing other than the enemy disguised as a friend, for example, the born again new world order zealots (gw bush ys”v, and to a lesser extent many of his predecessors and a slightly lesser extent also his cousin obama) who only help us to serve their own personal and non-Jewish self-interests.

Very relevant also is that 270 is also the gematria (numerical value) of “naychahr,” “נכר,” “alien” (Devarim 32:12; Tehillim/Psalms 81:10), a word which appears in Parshat hashavua Haazeenu. The USA is an alien nation for Jewish people, no matter whatever the US may have done for Jews to help the personal and sometimes also national self-interests of the leaders themselves and sometimes the nation along the way.

Surely the democraps (except LBJohnson, himself the first Jewish president, look it up if you don’t believe it) have hated Jews from time immemorial, FDR ys”v could have saved literally hundreds of thousands, possibly even literally millions of Jews by making different voluntary decisions as part of the military warfare campaign and chose not to do so. The republicants are hardly better.

Our home, our only true “home”, the home of the Jewish people, is Eretz Yisrael, H-shem says so in the Torah. If you are a Jewish person living in the USA at this time you need to face the facts: The Torah proves the evilness of the USA, for Jews it is an alien nation, which for someone to become president of it they must receive at least the minimum number of electoral votes, 270, equal to the numerical value of “bad, evil,” a word which is a very fitting description of the nation itself (with the exception of its Jewish residents and small number of righteous goyim).

So the often-cited truism that America is ‘ahm rake’ ‘empty nation’ (i.e., empty of ethics, values and morality), which many correctly point out easily does derive logically and phonetically from “AMeRICa,” is extremely appropriate.


Thought the 5776 (“Third”) intifada was finished? Remember Elor ben Oshra!

For a brief period following ramadan up until the past few weeks, there was a slight decrease in terrorist attacks in Eretz Yisrael, at least compared to the multiple daily attacks of the first few months of 5776 that as of the start of Elul 5776 had killed at least 34 and wounded hundreds.

The decrease in attacks led some people, all the way through the highest level of our human leaders, to think and even publicly proclaim that the recent terror wave has been “contained.”

That has again been proven false.

It may be worthwhile to remember the context of the beginning of this year’s intifada. Shortly before the end of 5775, (August 2015L), a highly publicized murder-arson in the village of Duma was the latest launching pad for false accusations against supposed “Jewish terrorists,” who the government themselves later admitted were not the perpetrators.

A large number of Jews were arrested without probable cause and at least three were placed under “administrative detention”, a questionable legal status that is a remnant of the legal code from the days when britain ruled this land more than 70 years ago.

Those placed in “administrative detention” are incarcerated without being charged with a crime, and have no basis for appeal. It was designed for use against enemy combatants, not citizens.

Once rogue elements in the government (presumably members of the erev rav) who usually are the loudest screaming about “democracy” decided to use an anti-democratic archaic statute in the most undemocratic manner against their fellow Jews, apparently the decree was issued Above for the beginning of the current intifada.

Even so, from the time of the start of the illegal detentions until the first attacks during Sukkot 5776, was still a “grace period” of at least a month and a half in which had people come to their senses and rectified the injustices against their fellow Jews punished with “administrative detention”, maybe the current intifada could have been avoided.

Fast forward to following Purim, 5776, and only one tzaddik of those administratively detained was still incarcerated. Each Jew is a world, and an injustice against even one Jew cannot be allowed to go unpunished.

So the intifada continued and two terrorist punks decided to stab soldiers in Chevrone. One stabbed a soldier and was then himself shot dead, and the second was “neutralized,” shot but not yet dead. Alert soldier Elor Azariya perceived the terrorist moving around on the ground after being shot, and suspected that he intended to detonate an explosive belt hidden underneath his large coat in 77 degree F weather, and for the sake of public safety, TO PROTECT JEWISH LIVES, did what any caring person would do, which is shooting dead the already wounded terrorist.

That is what conclusively needed to be done and what should have been done. Yet again along came rogue elements in the government, immediately condemning and incarcerating and charging the soldier with criminal behavior, when in fact, he is a Hero.

So Meir Ettinger has Thankfully been released after 10 months of hellish “administrative detention” (during which he was prevented from attending the breet meelah of his own first-born son), but the “Jew against Jew” injustice didn’t end there because a righteous soldier who made the correct decision TO ELIMINATE THE TERRORIST is being persecuted and also incarcerated without any valid basis.

So if anyone mistakenly thought the intifada was finished, remember Elor ben Oshra! Pray for his immediate release (at the morning bracha of “mahteer ahsooreem” and saying Tehillim/Psalms 56; 142:6; and 79:11).

He should be released not only for the holidays of Tishrei 5777, but permanent, true, complete freedom without ever being returned to jail again after this wrongful incarceration.

Pray for his secular legal exoneration in the current sham trial against him in court, if for any reason the persecution (NOT a spelling error!) is not ended before that legal trial in court is concluded, and it needs to be ended right away with the legal proceedings against him in court being terminated and thrown out of court completely right away, never to be restarted or pursued further at all ever whatsoever in any other legal forum either.

Pray that Elor ben Oshra be appointed to lead the army, and once the invalid, improper and psuedo self-righteous “Jew against Jew” detentions, imprisonments, prosecutions, persecutions and discrimination are ended (including completely preventing the forced evacuation of Ofra, Amona, and anywhere else the erev rav threatens to eradicate Jews from our Homeland), then we can expect a subsiding of intifada terrorist attacks as well.

The Folly of “Too much chesed”, and the necessary alternative

Chesed, kindness, is one of the most important qualities for a Jewish person to have. In fact, as far back as Avraham avinu zt”l, the very first Jew, this quality is found and he in fact is called the pillar of chesed.

At the same time, there are actually situations in which a Jewish person, group or nation can behave with “Too much chesed”.

At first it might seem silly to consider such a thing as “Too much Chesed”, but sadly there are many recent examples of that concept in reality, which are mistakes of our human leadership that cannot be allowed to continue.

During the entire time that our enemies ys”v were firing on us from ahza, our human leadership didn’t cut off mahyeem, chashmahl, or food to there, even a bit, until more than a full year later, and even then it amounted to the measly total of 2 hours of chahshmahl interruption for non-payment, not because of rocket-firing aggression and terrorism.

Another top-priority case where “Too much Chesed” must be stopped immediately and forever, is the case of our terrorist enemies ys”v attacking. If terrorists came with weapon(s) and the explicit intent to hurt and/or kill Yehudim, those terrorists must be executed immediately, no questions asked, even if they are already injured on the ground, in accordance with the ruling of many prominent Rabbonim gedolay Yisrael (Including Rav Dov Leor shlita, Rav Shmuel Eliyahu shlita and Rav Mazuz shlita).

The statements of erev rav members of the government that “once injured on the ground they cannot/should not be killed” are contrary to halacha, and in fact endanger lives of Yehudim. To let an injured terrorist lying on the ground live, and go to get medical care and food in prison and education and money so that in the future they could potentially attack again (which has already happened numerous times) is sheer folly and stupidity, it is Too much chesed and cannot be allowed to continue.

Terrorists who have embarked upon their supposed mission to hurt and kill, that are even often eager or at least willing to give up their own life, have therefore at the same time given up their rights. Since their goal is to injure and kill, even at the possibility of themselves being killed, it is our obligation halachically to make sure they are Eliminated, not simply, “neutralized.”

Giving ahza to our enemies is another example of too much chesed, and now everyone except blind erev rav members can see the folly and stupidity of that example of Too much chesed.

Here’s the question of the hour folks (or of the decade, it’s now more than 11 years since the utterly dumb “disengagement”):

They GOT ( = “RECEIVED” ) ahza, but what did they GIVE us??? Nothing, other than rockets, mortars, attack tunnels, murders, stabbings, car ramming attacks, and lies after lies throughout the world and the media to gain sympathy for themselves and increase hatred of us.

Too much chesed to our enemies ys”v must be stopped permanently, immediately.

Chad: Now the most intelligent and forward-thinking country on earth

Surprises sometimes arrive from unexpected places.

As of this late date in history, July 17, 2015 in the solar calendar (3 days following the public announcement of an agreement to go down in history as at or near the very top of the list of the “Wall of Shame”), the most intelligent, enlightened and forward-thinking country on earth is Chad, located northwest of Nigeria, west of Sudan and south of Libya.

Even if in the most formal, technical sense Chad does not top the ranks of highest average “IQ” intelligence on the list of world countries, Chad exhibited the intelligence, courage and sanity rarely seen these days in politics or anywhere by immediately and completely banning the public wearing of “burka masks” that hide the wearer’s entire face except eyes.

Yes that’s right, anyone, wearing a burka mask in public in Chad is now promptly arrested.

Because they are a security risk and breaking the law instituted to protect public life and safety.

So whoever is violating that law is now to be quickly arrested.

Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. The most recent brutal bombing in Chad that killed 15 and injured 80 was carried out by a person wearing a burka mask, further proving that the time to ban burka masks was already long overdue.

For those who say that Chad is already a muslim majority country, so such a law upon their own people could be different than for example, if almost every country on earth (except the terrorists themselves of course, and their friends and sympathizers) were to ban the public wearing of burka masks.

Well that would be very politically incorrect and could potentially be seen as an outright war against islam, when in fact it is the PROPER AND NECESSARY RESPONSE TO THE WAR THAT ISLAM STARTED WITH EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WHO IS NOT MUSLIM.

World leaders need to step up and follow the example of Chad. Ban burka masks in public, starting immediately.

But many of those world leaders are too busy running to beg for a peace agreement with some of the biggest terrorists on earth, who do not at all want peace, and who never fulfill their portion of any agreements.

Whoever allows evil [especially at this point in history violent islam] to flourish is extremely guilty and will measure for measure be injured and killed by those very people who they so intensely begged to make a peace agreement with.

And all good people will not feel one bit sorry for them, any of them.