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Thought the 5776 (“Third”) intifada was finished? Remember Elor ben Oshra!

For a brief period following ramadan up until the past few weeks, there was a slight decrease in terrorist attacks in Eretz Yisrael, at least compared to the multiple daily attacks of the first few months of 5776 that as of the start of Elul 5776 had killed at least 34 and wounded hundreds.

The decrease in attacks led some people, all the way through the highest level of our human leaders, to think and even publicly proclaim that the recent terror wave has been “contained.”

That has again been proven false.

It may be worthwhile to remember the context of the beginning of this year’s intifada. Shortly before the end of 5775, (August 2015L), a highly publicized murder-arson in the village of Duma was the latest launching pad for false accusations against supposed “Jewish terrorists,” who the government themselves later admitted were not the perpetrators.

A large number of Jews were arrested without probable cause and at least three were placed under “administrative detention”, a questionable legal status that is a remnant of the legal code from the days when britain ruled this land more than 70 years ago.

Those placed in “administrative detention” are incarcerated without being charged with a crime, and have no basis for appeal. It was designed for use against enemy combatants, not citizens.

Once rogue elements in the government (presumably members of the erev rav) who usually are the loudest screaming about “democracy” decided to use an anti-democratic archaic statute in the most undemocratic manner against their fellow Jews, apparently the decree was issued Above for the beginning of the current intifada.

Even so, from the time of the start of the illegal detentions until the first attacks during Sukkot 5776, was still a “grace period” of at least a month and a half in which had people come to their senses and rectified the injustices against their fellow Jews punished with “administrative detention”, maybe the current intifada could have been avoided.

Fast forward to following Purim, 5776, and only one tzaddik of those administratively detained was still incarcerated. Each Jew is a world, and an injustice against even one Jew cannot be allowed to go unpunished.

So the intifada continued and two terrorist punks decided to stab soldiers in Chevrone. One stabbed a soldier and was then himself shot dead, and the second was “neutralized,” shot but not yet dead. Alert soldier Elor Azariya perceived the terrorist moving around on the ground after being shot, and suspected that he intended to detonate an explosive belt hidden underneath his large coat in 77 degree F weather, and for the sake of public safety, TO PROTECT JEWISH LIVES, did what any caring person would do, which is shooting dead the already wounded terrorist.

That is what conclusively needed to be done and what should have been done. Yet again along came rogue elements in the government, immediately condemning and incarcerating and charging the soldier with criminal behavior, when in fact, he is a Hero.

So Meir Ettinger has Thankfully been released after 10 months of hellish “administrative detention” (during which he was prevented from attending the breet meelah of his own first-born son), but the “Jew against Jew” injustice didn’t end there because a righteous soldier who made the correct decision TO ELIMINATE THE TERRORIST is being persecuted and also incarcerated without any valid basis.

So if anyone mistakenly thought the intifada was finished, remember Elor ben Oshra! Pray for his immediate release (at the morning bracha of “mahteer ahsooreem” and saying Tehillim/Psalms 56; 142:6; and 79:11).

He should be released not only for the holidays of Tishrei 5777, but permanent, true, complete freedom without ever being returned to jail again after this wrongful incarceration.

Pray for his secular legal exoneration in the current sham trial against him in court, if for any reason the persecution (NOT a spelling error!) is not ended before that legal trial in court is concluded, and it needs to be ended right away with the legal proceedings against him in court being terminated and thrown out of court completely right away, never to be restarted or pursued further at all ever whatsoever in any other legal forum either.

Pray that Elor ben Oshra be appointed to lead the army, and once the invalid, improper and psuedo self-righteous “Jew against Jew” detentions, imprisonments, prosecutions, persecutions and discrimination are ended (including completely preventing the forced evacuation of Ofra, Amona, and anywhere else the erev rav threatens to eradicate Jews from our Homeland), then we can expect a subsiding of intifada terrorist attacks as well.


The Folly of “Too much chesed”, and the necessary alternative

Chesed, kindness, is one of the most important qualities for a Jewish person to have. In fact, as far back as Avraham avinu zt”l, the very first Jew, this quality is found and he in fact is called the pillar of chesed.

At the same time, there are actually situations in which a Jewish person, group or nation can behave with “Too much chesed”.

At first it might seem silly to consider such a thing as “Too much Chesed”, but sadly there are many recent examples of that concept in reality, which are mistakes of our human leadership that cannot be allowed to continue.

During the entire time that our enemies ys”v were firing on us from ahza, our human leadership didn’t cut off mahyeem, chashmahl, or food to there, even a bit, until more than a full year later, and even then it amounted to the measly total of 2 hours of chahshmahl interruption for non-payment, not because of rocket-firing aggression and terrorism.

Another top-priority case where “Too much Chesed” must be stopped immediately and forever, is the case of our terrorist enemies ys”v attacking. If terrorists came with weapon(s) and the explicit intent to hurt and/or kill Yehudim, those terrorists must be executed immediately, no questions asked, even if they are already injured on the ground, in accordance with the ruling of many prominent Rabbonim gedolay Yisrael (Including Rav Dov Leor shlita, Rav Shmuel Eliyahu shlita and Rav Mazuz shlita).

The statements of erev rav members of the government that “once injured on the ground they cannot/should not be killed” are contrary to halacha, and in fact endanger lives of Yehudim. To let an injured terrorist lying on the ground live, and go to get medical care and food in prison and education and money so that in the future they could potentially attack again (which has already happened numerous times) is sheer folly and stupidity, it is Too much chesed and cannot be allowed to continue.

Terrorists who have embarked upon their supposed mission to hurt and kill, that are even often eager or at least willing to give up their own life, have therefore at the same time given up their rights. Since their goal is to injure and kill, even at the possibility of themselves being killed, it is our obligation halachically to make sure they are Eliminated, not simply, “neutralized.”

Giving ahza to our enemies is another example of too much chesed, and now everyone except blind erev rav members can see the folly and stupidity of that example of Too much chesed.

Here’s the question of the hour folks (or of the decade, it’s now more than 11 years since the utterly dumb “disengagement”):

They GOT ( = “RECEIVED” ) ahza, but what did they GIVE us??? Nothing, other than rockets, mortars, attack tunnels, murders, stabbings, car ramming attacks, and lies after lies throughout the world and the media to gain sympathy for themselves and increase hatred of us.

Too much chesed to our enemies ys”v must be stopped permanently, immediately.

Avoiding a Potentially Tragic Mistake at These Cairo Talks (and their Possible Successor Talks)

The biggest mistake that could potentially be made at these Cairo talks and their potential successor talks is to reach an “agreement” with the sworn enemies of Israel and Jews, namely “hamas” and their friends/family of Islamic Jihad and the “Palestinian Authority”/Abbas.

That’s right, the biggest mistake would be to agree to an agreement.

Any and all such “agreements” to this point were violated and destroyed by hamas and their supporters at the time they decided that they did not any longer want to behave peacefully and instead wanted to aggressively fire on us first, which they always did and do.

Any “agreement” with the TERRORISTS in azza is an agreement for us to do nothing or the minimum, but when they decide they don’t want the agreement, then they simply say they no longer honor their agreement and start firing on us, more than 3,360 rockets in the most recent 60 days.

Despite over 90% of the general public of all types of people that are Jews residing in Israel supporting the idea of “going the distance” and eradicating hamas NOW, once and for all, the deeply disturbing part is that even despite widespread agreement of almost all citizens of the morality and importance of the war and how it would be a travesty and an enormous insult to the memory of the 64 soldiers a”h H’y”d and three kidnapped and murdered students a”h H’y”d to prematurely agree to any “agreement”, once again, reports are that Binsmole Netanyahu is preparing to submit to outside forces from the side of impurity to agree to many demands of those who seek our destruction, Heaven forbid, while those parties do not grant us ANY of our demands, and we are the truly aggrieved party, having been repeatedly fired upon, where being fired upon even once is a capital offense.

For human leaders who state to the public that they would never compromise our security, the rumored concessions to violent terrorists in azza sound like extreme security compromises that for sure should NOT be made.

We entered this war with the goal of a complete end to aggression and violence as major goals.

Therefore, demilitarization of azza was a major goal.

Since the terrorists in azza are not willing to “agree” (not that their agreement would really mean anything significant, due to their untrustworthiness, as they have actually boasted about their duplicitous ways repeatedly during the past 60 days) to azza being completely demilitarized, There’s nothing more for us to talk about in the Cairo talks.

Even sitting in separate rooms and never directly communicating (only through host mediators, as has been reported), all that matters less when much more importantly for our security and survival is avoiding a potentially tragic mistake at these Cairo talks and any potential successor talks.

Those terrorists that sit in the other separate room in Cairo have already publicly stated: any “ceasefire” is simply a preparation for the next round of actual war.

And we have seen already in reality how this has been the case throughout the time since they were GIVEN azza over 9 years ago.

Four wars in nine years!

Can you imagine???

Clearly, an “agreement” is not in our interests at all.

Now I am not a warmonger, nor am I a peacenow adherent, but we cannot follow the will and ways of the unclean bird Peres (Vayikra 11:13; Devarim 14:12) to agree to everything that the terrorists propose while they do nothing of what we ask of them.

Leaders, officials or spokespeople for the terrorists in azza have made very recent statements over the past few weeks that leave absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they still hate us and want to kill us.

And therefore to follow the unclean bird’s view would be to simply lay down and allow them to kill us.

But that is not the right thing to do.

Since they started aggression and fired upon us, it is fully within our rights and even our obligation to eradicate them, as they make no secret whatsoever that they seek our destruction.

Now we must focus on further true RESULTS from this operation, meaning the Complete demilitarizing of azza and eradication of hamas, islamic jihad, and the “palestinian authority”.

We should not “agree” to any agreement at all at these Cairo talks, and are already giving the terrorists far more than any country EVER in the history of the world ever gave to their enemies that were violently firing upon and trying to kill them during a time of war (including water, food, electricity, medicine and medical care, and evacuation warnings before terror targets nearby were scheduled to be destroyed by our armed forces acting in self-defense).

Agreeing to any bogus agreement filled with our concessions and receiving nothing in return is a recipe for another war (in another few months, or year, or year and a half, or probably not more than 2 years, after all, that’s close to the current average) to finish what we did not yet complete now, or either of the previous three times thanks to the fearFULness of Binsmole and the smoles of world opinion, yet we must avoid that mistake and pray for H’ to save us.

The author is blessed to be a resident of Beer Sheva.

Happy Birthday Israel, 3285 years, NOT 65

We are blessed this week, thank the good L-rd, to have celebrated the birthday of our homeland, Eretz Yisrael.

Now even though many people say that we were celebrating 65 years of our country in the modern era, we need to be very careful in describing the actual truth, which is of course much deeper than that.

Yes, in terms of the independence and recognition from much of the world, the rebirth 65 years ago is special, and significant.

Yet at the same time, continuing to focus on the events in that manner has a potentially undesirable side as well.

This is because for whoever cares about being truthful, the birth of Eretz Yisrael as the Jewish homeland dates back to at least the year 2488, when Yehoshua led Bnai Yisrael across the Yardain (Jordan) river, accompanied by miracles, also in the early spring in the month of Nissan, the month of redemption.

So to be truthful, we need to strengthen ourselves no matter what anyone in the surrounding world might say or think, and gladly wish ourselves a very happy 3,285 year birthday now.

This is because our enemies, may they be decimated quickly, are known to try to convince the world that they were here from more than 65 years ago, and so supposedly have a firmer claim to this holy land.

However, their claims are false and their behavior is disgraceful. There have been already a number of times that they have been discovered actively destroying historical artifacts at ancient archaeological sites, with the motivation being of course to erase and destroy evidence that Jewish settlement in Eretz Yisrael dates back more than 3,285 years.

And of course it dates back even longer than that, because our holy Avos forefathers zt”l lived in Eretz Yisrael before the descent to egypt, and were buried there during that time and early in our people’s 210 year residence in that country.

In the “information age,” besides physical battles with bullets and bombs there is also the battle for people’s minds and world opinion. While many try to lie to convince others and the world of a false reality, we need to counter that as strongly as possible with the truth.

And the truth is that we are now celebrating at least 3,285 years of our homeland. Yes it is true that for most of the previous 2,000 years there were not very many Jews in Eretz Yisrael, yet there were some continuously throughout the entire time.

And now, anyone willing to open their eyes can see the truth, that history is progressing along to the Final Redemption, and the ingathering of exiles has already begun, even longer ago than just 65 years.

This is nothing short of miraculous, and something to be deeply thankful about.

If you are not yet blessed to be in Eretz Yisrael, you need to be as soon as you reasonably can (provided that you care deeply about fulfilling the will of H-shem, being shomer Shabbos/Shabbat and fulfilling the mitzvos/t), to participate in this phenomenal history-making event, thereby helping in fact to hasten the Final Redemption bihezraht H-shem.

Love Israel Now

Love Israel Now: Ahavas/t Yisrael yahvee hamoshiach, Loving our fellow Jews will bring the Moshiach.

We have an obligation to do whatever possible not to be misled by anyone.

Should anyone think after his visit to Eretz Yisrael that Mitt Romney is some friend of us, whoever thought that would be very deeply mistaken.

Now I’m not saying this because of any affinity for Mr. Obama.

The real truth is, it will not be much different for Eretz Yisrael no matter which of those rihshaheem/wicked people leads the USA for the next 4 years.

That’s right.

Despite Mitt Romney’s comments that the media want people to think that he loves Israel, PLEASE people, at least be real, with yourselves, HE DOESN’T LOVE US, neither does Obama, and neither do most people.

They might say they like us more (or simply hate us slightly less) than our radical islamist enemies yeemahch shihmahm, but it doesn’t matter, in absolute terms, they are not our friends.

No matter who leads the USA, either the donkey (@ss) or the republicant, it’s not going to be any meaningful difference for us.

And the reason is that both of them will do what they and their predecessors do, which is to try to force the Jewish nation to destroy itself, one of the primary methods of which is to give away our own land, the Divine gift of Eretz Yisrael, for the complete sham of the continued broken promises of peace by our sworn enemies yeemahch shihmahm, who have publicly stated repeatedly their goal of our complete destruction, Heaven forbid.

It’s only once we Love our fellows with full hearts and truly desire the best for all of them, and are blessed with a government in Eretz Yisrael that follows the will of H-shem through Torah and refuses to take orders from secular human authority (meaning the leaders of other nations, who have an inborn hatred of Jews), that we will be much much closer to truly living securely in our Homeland Eretz Yisrael, something H-shem deeply desires for us to do, as will hopefully be discussed in a future post.

The author, Mr. E., always a Jew and a former american now blessed to live in his nation’s Homeland B”H BT, has also published a thorough research investigation of the real truth of what happened on 9/11/2001, and written about the need to Save the South.