The Folly of “Too much chesed”, and the necessary alternative

Chesed, kindness, is one of the most important qualities for a Jewish person to have. In fact, as far back as Avraham avinu zt”l, the very first Jew, this quality is found and he in fact is called the pillar of chesed.

At the same time, there are actually situations in which a Jewish person, group or nation can behave with “Too much chesed”.

At first it might seem silly to consider such a thing as “Too much Chesed”, but sadly there are many recent examples of that concept in reality, which are mistakes of our human leadership that cannot be allowed to continue.

During the entire time that our enemies ys”v were firing on us from ahza, our human leadership didn’t cut off mahyeem, chashmahl, or food to there, even a bit, until more than a full year later, and even then it amounted to the measly total of 2 hours of chahshmahl interruption for non-payment, not because of rocket-firing aggression and terrorism.

Another top-priority case where “Too much Chesed” must be stopped immediately and forever, is the case of our terrorist enemies ys”v attacking. If terrorists came with weapon(s) and the explicit intent to hurt and/or kill Yehudim, those terrorists must be executed immediately, no questions asked, even if they are already injured on the ground, in accordance with the ruling of many prominent Rabbonim gedolay Yisrael (Including Rav Dov Leor shlita, Rav Shmuel Eliyahu shlita and Rav Mazuz shlita).

The statements of erev rav members of the government that “once injured on the ground they cannot/should not be killed” are contrary to halacha, and in fact endanger lives of Yehudim. To let an injured terrorist lying on the ground live, and go to get medical care and food in prison and education and money so that in the future they could potentially attack again (which has already happened numerous times) is sheer folly and stupidity, it is Too much chesed and cannot be allowed to continue.

Terrorists who have embarked upon their supposed mission to hurt and kill, that are even often eager or at least willing to give up their own life, have therefore at the same time given up their rights. Since their goal is to injure and kill, even at the possibility of themselves being killed, it is our obligation halachically to make sure they are Eliminated, not simply, “neutralized.”

Giving ahza to our enemies is another example of too much chesed, and now everyone except blind erev rav members can see the folly and stupidity of that example of Too much chesed.

Here’s the question of the hour folks (or of the decade, it’s now more than 11 years since the utterly dumb “disengagement”):

They GOT ( = “RECEIVED” ) ahza, but what did they GIVE us??? Nothing, other than rockets, mortars, attack tunnels, murders, stabbings, car ramming attacks, and lies after lies throughout the world and the media to gain sympathy for themselves and increase hatred of us.

Too much chesed to our enemies ys”v must be stopped permanently, immediately.