The Larger Significance of the Duma Tragedy, Travesty and Distraction

While not a single grain of evidence (except two torture-induced supposed “confessions” produced under extreme, egregious duress) has been presented to prove or even suggest the guilt of any of those accused of being “Jewish terrorists” in the Duma arson murders which are a tragedy, this complete lack of evidence itself demonstrates that the prosecution is really persecution, a travesty and a distraction.

Torah perspectives

Duma is found in the Torah, he is the sixth-born son of Yishmael’s 12 sons (Bereisheet 25:14). Using the “location technique” suggested by Rav Simcha Friedman in Making Torah Yours, Duma is found in pasuk 14, the gematria of “yahd”, “hand”, and about Yishmael it is said “His hand [and by extension, the hands of his descendants] will be against all” (Bereisheet 16:12), and sadly we see this throughout history since muslims became a people and especially now on a daily basis with the terror wave of the past few months (the “Third [and LAST!] Intifada”). A literal raising of their hands against us with knives, bottles, guns, cars, and any weapons they acquire or build.

Also interesting, relating to number 14, “Duma” appears in one of only 14 pesukim in the entire Torah that is exactly three words long. In this exact case, the three words are the names of the fifth, sixth and seventh sons of Yishmael: “ooMeeshma vihDUMA ooMahsa”, “and Meeshma and Duma and Mahsa”.

With Heavenly assistance it can be said that the deeper meaning of this pasuk is that “meeshma”, [a] hearing [presumably, a COURT hearing for those Jews falsely-accused and tortured in the Duma tragedy, travesty and distraction], and by altering the vowels “meaning” [“mahshihma”; the meaning is, the whole thing is a distraction engineered by some segment of human leaders who are members of the erev rav]; and Duma; and “mahsa”, “to carry” [Bamidbar 4:24, or a burden-like prophecy (Malachee 1:1); the Duma tragedy, travesty and distraction is a burden on, and a burden carried by, our people].

VIDEO EDITING has existed and been used for many years long before 2001

Part of the burden of Duma is a widely-circulated video filmed at a wedding, which attempts to portray religious Jews as bloodthirsty killers.

Recently a film in the “Star Wars” group broke the record for fastest movie to earn some huge amount of ticket sales. From even the earliest movies in the “Star Wars” series, decades before 2001, VIDEO EDITING has been used for special effects and as a regular part of movies.

Let everyone be 100% clear about this: using VIDEO EDITING things can be inserted into the video that were not really there when originally filmed, and things that were really present at the time of filming can be removed. Exactly like “word processing” of words using a text editor, but for videos and movies.

Overwhelming majorities of people worldwide (in many countries upwards of 90 percent of people) except in the USA do not believe the US government’s “official story” version of the events of September 11, 2001 and believe instead that it was in fact the government itself or some portion thereof, not 19 raghead terrorists (at least 9 of whom are still alive today, that fact alone destroys completely the credibility of the government’s official version of events) that are the truly guilty parties. A large part of the reason for the skepticism is that in addition to the literally hundreds of internal contradictions and physical impossibilities in the official story, every video and film expert and most average people as well who view the videos carefully in slow motion conclude that they have been edited and staged.

We live in the world of Lies. The whole idea was to have the news media report on a supposed 767 jet crashing into the WTC at 846 AM, and a bit over a quarter of an hour later during coverage of the “unbelievable event,” to broadcast the fake, staged videos at 903AM and repeatedly for over a week thereafter.

“But everyone saw…”, how many times have those words been said? Yes, everyone saw, what everyone saw are the fake, staged videos prepared in advance of the controlled demolition of the WTC using explosives that were detonated at 846 and 903AM.

Now regarding the video of “ultra right extremists” celebrating the Duma arson murders at a wedding, first of all, as above, Don’t believe every video. People on the Shabak payroll arrived at the wedding uninvited and filmed the video at what was a real wedding, although the people who were actually invited would not celebrate cold blooded murders at a wedding or anywhere else as the essentially PAID ACTORS were recorded celebrating. Rav Shmuel Eliyahu shlita and other experts have already stated that the wedding video has been staged and edited.

The added tragedy is that because most religious people who attempt to be true refrain from viewing movies and videos most of the time, that may perhaps raise the likelihood that when they do see a video it is immediately believed to be truth. Get real people, please, a video in itself does not prove anything.

Bennett will never be Prime Minister

By condemning the Jews accused and arrested in the Duma tragedy and defending the Shabak when there are extremely serious allegations of them torturing, Bennett has brought his already low level of credibility down to near zero, and it has been further reduced by the release baruch H’ of Mordechai Mayer. If the acts of torture the Shabak is accused of were committed against a muslim – the erev rav, our external enemies and world opinion would be screaming for months and probably years.

The Larger Significance

It is no exaggeration to say that the larger significance of the Duma Travesty is that it has directly caused a delay in the Final Redemption.

Among the accusations in the Duma travesty is that the accused had the alleged desire to replace the current government with “a king in Israel”, meaning of course King Mashiach ben Dovid (and NOT Rav Schneerson zt”l!! Lih-havdeel, meaning the REAL, TRUE King Mashiach ben Dovid).

So as that is something that we pray for every day, it is not very difficult to see and understand why the current human political leaders feel so threatened if the allegations against the accused in the Duma arson murders are true: Those human political leaders (Knesset, Binsmole Netanyahu, Fraidy cat Ya’alon, etc.) would no longer hold positions of power, prestige and influence following the Final Redemption.

So for whatever percentage of those human leaders who do actually pray regularly the set tefilot in the siddur, their behavior in the Duma travesty contradicts what we are all praying for, how can they say Shmoneh esray with sincerity? How can they say the bracha of “Et Tzemahch [ a name of Mashiach! Zecharia 3:8 ] Dovid”; they will no longer be leaders when it is fulfilled (if not before).

For quite some time it has been clear that almost all of our human Jewish leaders are extremely terrified of the actual occurrence of the final war (“Goge oomahgoge”, Yichezkail 38). That is why after less than one week of being fired upon by our enemies in Ahza in the early summer of 2014 our weak leaders went proposing, almost begging for, a ceasefire from our enemies ys”v, who of course had no desire for a ceasefire until after 50 days and even since then have continued to violate it repeatedly, averaging once every month.

And that is simply one of the most or more recent in unfortunately a very long line of examples. Somehow the goal of the decisive defeat and eradication of our enemies was replaced with the goal of “quiet/ceasefire” to end the war as quickly as possible.

It is non-sensical to have already fought four defensive wars in ten years against our terrorist enemies in Ahza since the deeply mistaken ‘disengagement’, and in each and every one of those cases we could have vanquished our enemies ys”v completely if the campaign had been carried out in a more intelligent manner (95% air bombardment; paying no mind to hospitals and schools and all the other “No Longer Untouchable” locations that they love to fire upon us from; only using ground troops in a limited manner at the very end, instead of following the squawking of the fools who each time clamor for that as early as possible, endangering Jewish Lives unnecessarily, and then withdrawing without recapturing Ahza, which eventually we will have to recapture all of Ahza in any case, even Liberman has acknowledged that reality, at least).

Instead of focusing on shutting down the real true terrorists, which is our muslim enemies ys”v rushing to kill with knives, guns, bottles, cars and any weapons they obtain or build, our human leaders seek to distract the public from the extreme fear that those leaders hold deep within themselves as well as their ineffectiveness using a manufactured campaign stressing the vital importance of eradicating “Jewish terrorists”.

No, precisely the opposite is the case. We need to eradicate non-Jewish terrorists, but of course doing that may trigger the final war, and almost all of our human leaders fear that final war more than anything or almost anything in the entire universe, even more than fear of H-shem.

Two years before the most recent Ahsara B’Tayvayte was found in the Torah codes between the letters in the Torah very strong indicators of the Final Redemption. In at least one of the five examples brought here in this amazing close to 15 minute presentation was found the exact date of 10 Tayvayte 5776 itself, and it is possible to conclude that the Duma Travesty perpetrated by the erev rav due to their fear of the final war is what has caused the arrival of Moshiach to again be delayed.

The release of Mordechai Mayer is hopefully a positive turning point in the Duma tragedy, travesty and distraction. Let’s hope and pray for our leaders to see the light of the truth, to do teshuva, to immediately release the rest of the Jews accused of the Duma arson murders, and to now and always do what is necessary against our enemies ys”v without fear of world opinion or any fear other than Yirat H-shem.


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