Chad: Now the most intelligent and forward-thinking country on earth

Surprises sometimes arrive from unexpected places.

As of this late date in history, July 17, 2015 in the solar calendar (3 days following the public announcement of an agreement to go down in history as at or near the very top of the list of the “Wall of Shame”), the most intelligent, enlightened and forward-thinking country on earth is Chad, located northwest of Nigeria, west of Sudan and south of Libya.

Even if in the most formal, technical sense Chad does not top the ranks of highest average “IQ” intelligence on the list of world countries, Chad exhibited the intelligence, courage and sanity rarely seen these days in politics or anywhere by immediately and completely banning the public wearing of “burka masks” that hide the wearer’s entire face except eyes.

Yes that’s right, anyone, wearing a burka mask in public in Chad is now promptly arrested.

Because they are a security risk and breaking the law instituted to protect public life and safety.

So whoever is violating that law is now to be quickly arrested.

Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. The most recent brutal bombing in Chad that killed 15 and injured 80 was carried out by a person wearing a burka mask, further proving that the time to ban burka masks was already long overdue.

For those who say that Chad is already a muslim majority country, so such a law upon their own people could be different than for example, if almost every country on earth (except the terrorists themselves of course, and their friends and sympathizers) were to ban the public wearing of burka masks.

Well that would be very politically incorrect and could potentially be seen as an outright war against islam, when in fact it is the PROPER AND NECESSARY RESPONSE TO THE WAR THAT ISLAM STARTED WITH EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WHO IS NOT MUSLIM.

World leaders need to step up and follow the example of Chad. Ban burka masks in public, starting immediately.

But many of those world leaders are too busy running to beg for a peace agreement with some of the biggest terrorists on earth, who do not at all want peace, and who never fulfill their portion of any agreements.

Whoever allows evil [especially at this point in history violent islam] to flourish is extremely guilty and will measure for measure be injured and killed by those very people who they so intensely begged to make a peace agreement with.

And all good people will not feel one bit sorry for them, any of them.

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