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Pesach Shaynee: A Second Opportunity for Those Meeting Specific Conditions

Happy Pesach Shaynee! A Second Opportunity for Those Meeting Specific Conditions

There are many very good reasons to care about this very special holiday today, 14 Eeyar (Iyar), “Pesach Shaynee,” the second Pesach (exactly one month after 14 Nissan, the day before Pesach, and the date on which the Pesach offering is brought in the afternoon in the times of the Holy Temple, may it be again soon).

Pesach Shaynee is special because it is a proof from the Torah that if specific conditions are met, a person can in fact receive a second opportunity. This is kindness from H-shem.

A year after the going out from egypt, meaning in Nissan 2449, there were some people in the encampment in the midbar who could not bring the Pesach offering, as they were ritually impure from having come into contact with a corpse.

One opinion of how this could have occurred is that those people were very holy souls who were carrying the coffin of Yosaif haTzadeek zt”l; after all, someone had to (This is the opinion of R’ Yossi HaGilili in Succa 25a). (By extension, those people also could have been holy souls carrying the coffins of any of Yosaif’s brothers also, as all of the brothers were brought from egypt as stated in Shemos/t 13:19, see Rashi on end of that pasuk, “eetihchem”).

These people were ritually impure not only through no fault of their own, they were actually involved in a mitzva, and since those gone from this world cannot return kindness, the kindness done for them, including carrying the coffins, is the primary example of the truest kindness (chesed shel emes/t).

So the people transporting the coffins came before Moshe and Aharon and said that since their state of ritual impurity was no direct fault of their own, they should not be prevented from fulfilling the mitzva of the Pesach offering.

And because of their deep desire to draw close to H-shem Creator of the universe, the holiday of Pesach Shaynee was given by H-shem, as a kindness to allow those who were not at fault as to what prevented their fulfilling the Pesach offering in its proper time on 14 Nissan, a second opportunity one month later to fulfill it.

The point of “meeting specific conditions” is important, because those who did not care the first time are not included amongst the people who are given a second opportunity.

It is interesting to note that the section in the Torah describing this special holiday of Pesach Shaynee is found in Bamidbar 9:1-14, exactly 14 pesukim long, and the date of Pesach Shaynee is 14 Eeyar.


Happy Birthday Israel, 3285 years, NOT 65

We are blessed this week, thank the good L-rd, to have celebrated the birthday of our homeland, Eretz Yisrael.

Now even though many people say that we were celebrating 65 years of our country in the modern era, we need to be very careful in describing the actual truth, which is of course much deeper than that.

Yes, in terms of the independence and recognition from much of the world, the rebirth 65 years ago is special, and significant.

Yet at the same time, continuing to focus on the events in that manner has a potentially undesirable side as well.

This is because for whoever cares about being truthful, the birth of Eretz Yisrael as the Jewish homeland dates back to at least the year 2488, when Yehoshua led Bnai Yisrael across the Yardain (Jordan) river, accompanied by miracles, also in the early spring in the month of Nissan, the month of redemption.

So to be truthful, we need to strengthen ourselves no matter what anyone in the surrounding world might say or think, and gladly wish ourselves a very happy 3,285 year birthday now.

This is because our enemies, may they be decimated quickly, are known to try to convince the world that they were here from more than 65 years ago, and so supposedly have a firmer claim to this holy land.

However, their claims are false and their behavior is disgraceful. There have been already a number of times that they have been discovered actively destroying historical artifacts at ancient archaeological sites, with the motivation being of course to erase and destroy evidence that Jewish settlement in Eretz Yisrael dates back more than 3,285 years.

And of course it dates back even longer than that, because our holy Avos forefathers zt”l lived in Eretz Yisrael before the descent to egypt, and were buried there during that time and early in our people’s 210 year residence in that country.

In the “information age,” besides physical battles with bullets and bombs there is also the battle for people’s minds and world opinion. While many try to lie to convince others and the world of a false reality, we need to counter that as strongly as possible with the truth.

And the truth is that we are now celebrating at least 3,285 years of our homeland. Yes it is true that for most of the previous 2,000 years there were not very many Jews in Eretz Yisrael, yet there were some continuously throughout the entire time.

And now, anyone willing to open their eyes can see the truth, that history is progressing along to the Final Redemption, and the ingathering of exiles has already begun, even longer ago than just 65 years.

This is nothing short of miraculous, and something to be deeply thankful about.

If you are not yet blessed to be in Eretz Yisrael, you need to be as soon as you reasonably can (provided that you care deeply about fulfilling the will of H-shem, being shomer Shabbos/Shabbat and fulfilling the mitzvos/t), to participate in this phenomenal history-making event, thereby helping in fact to hasten the Final Redemption bihezraht H-shem.